Kristina's Sketchbook: Dog Sketch

I have never drawn a dog in my entire life, so this was the first time I actually drew a dog. I'm not a big fan of how it looks, but the whole point of this segment is to allow me to look back on my drawing experience and to share it all with you guys of course! I drew this sketch using my Bamboo Capture tablet by Wacom and the program I used was Autodesk Sketchbook Express. The Bamboo model I have is quite old, so hopefully I'll be getting a new one in the near future. I first got the Bamboo tablet in 2013, I think. It was a pretty good deal at the time. I got it at the apple store for $99.95 and it came with a suite of software including Adobe Photoshop Elements and Autodesk Sketchbook Express. 


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    1. OMG Thanks so much Lucy! That means so much to me you don't even know <3 Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is amazing by the way. I hope my blog can be as good as your blog one day.

      Kristina Ang